About THREE IC Ltd

If you are looking to stay competitive while saving energy and costs on IT support and related business functions, consider outsourcing your IT tasks to a trusted partner as an external helping hand.

When it comes to professional IT support services, solution providers, SOC services and IT consultants in Hong Kong, look no further than THREE IC. Established 10 years ago, we take pride in offering an extensive portfolio of IT and cybersecurity solutions from industry-leading developers.

Why Choose THREE IC As Your IT Consulting Provider?

10+ Years Experience
100+ Clients
Experienced and Dedicated IT Consultants

Our IT Consulting Solutions

With our Work From Home solution, we can help secure your remote network. 

Our School Solution can help enhance IT Infrastructure in a changing environment. 

We provide Network Security Solutions to help you protect and backup your important data.

Protect your devices from viruses with our antivirus products. 

Want optimal level of operational performance, no down time in a higher than normal period? We got you covered with our HA and Backup Solution. 

With our ransomware solution, we help decrypt your data infected with ransomware. 

Our IT Consulting Services

IT Support & Solutions

THREEIC offers a comprehensive range of advanced IT solutions available on the market, together with IT help desk support plans.

Our well-trained IT consultants are more than happy to take care of every aspect of your company’s IT infrastructure with optimal response rates and all-around service.

To cater to your unique business needs and operation procedures, talk to us to arrange a flexible on-site or real-time remote support session.

Firewall Support and Security Management

Do you know if your firewall is suitable for your network, any risk to the network, any report for the attack, and if the setting can fully use your firewall? Our IT consultants can offer professional insights and solutions for you.

Professional Consultation

We are here to help your business transform digitally and streamline your processes by providing in-depth industry knowledge and unlocking insider insights.

Whether you are running an SME, corporate enterprise, or even a non-profit organization, you will find our IT professionals approachable and easy to talk to.

Contact us now to mitigate IT project risk and drive business excellence on time and on budget by implementing leading strategies that harness the power of modern tech solutions.

soc as a service

SOC As a Service

By investing in a security operations center (SOC), your business can enjoy significant growth and improved overall security. 

So if you’re serious about protecting your business, it’s time to consider investing in a SOC.

What Our Clients Say:

Our IT & Network Security Products

We offer different kind of IT and Network Security Products such as Sophos Security Solutions, Sangfor Security Solutions, Paloalto Security Solutions, Microsoft Product, Ruckus and Ruijie Network Solutions etc. 

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