IT Support Services

We provide a variety of IT support services tailored to meet your needs for networking, servers, and other hardware installation.

About Our IT Support Services

With budgets as a concern, companies will often outsource their IT support needs to external service providers to save the hiring costs of their in-house IT departments. That is when THREEIC comes to the rescue by providing reliable IT Support Services.

By providing service on-site or remotely, we take care of your IT Support necessities by being your IT department outside the company. Work with our veteran IT staff so you can pay attention to other important elements of your business.

Why Choose THREE IC For IT Support Services?

10+ Years Experience
100+ Clients
Experienced and Dedicated IT Consultants

IT Support Services at THREE IC

client taking advantage of remote it support

Remote IT Support Service

We enable remote IT support using advanced end-to-end encryption remote control software. Our clients receive seamless assistance remotely, while also having the ability to monitor the entire service process for transparency in our communication and services.

On-site IT Support

Our dedicated engineers are readily available to provide on-site support at your office, offering a comprehensive range of services including hardware maintenance, firewall support, and network assistance.

onsite it support specialists working

Proactive Troubleshooting of IT Issues

As part of our proactive troubleshooting approach, we conduct regular scans on all devices within our clients’ business I.T. infrastructure. This ensures that any minor issues are identified and resolved before they escalate into significant threats.

Types of IT Support Plans To Choose From

We offer different and flexible plans when it comes to IT Support Service. Simply pick an option that fits your budget and work style.

  1. No Limit Onsite support hour + No Limit Remote and Telephone Support
  2. Limit Onsite support hour + No Limit Remote and Telephone Support
  3. Limit Onsite support hour + Limit Remote and Telephone Support
  4. Token

Why Trust THREE IC For IT Support and Services?

Focus on your Core Business

Instead of investing time in learning about IT systems or hiring an in-house IT team dedicated to IT Support, you can opt for external IT Support Services. Our seasoned and experienced industry professionals are on hand to strengthen your firewall support and network support systems. Hence, more time and energy can be devoted to more pressing matters, such as boosting revenue growth and achieving business goals.

Lower Operational Cost

IT support is not a one-time job. Apart from setting up new software and hardware, time and energy are needed for day-to-day maintenance. You need to have accessible IT experts to help with that. Just like other business units, extra resources need to be allocated for IT professionals’ recruitment processes, insurance, additional bonuses, and welfare.

In order to compensate, train, manage and retain IT professionals, much more has to be spent. Scrap these essential operation costs by outsourcing IT support to trusted service providers on the market so that the budget used can be allocated to different business purposes that positively impact the company’s growth.

THREE IC offers a fixed and transparent rate for IT Support and IT Outsourcing Service, helping you to save on hiring expenses.

Reduce Risk

A well-maintained hardware and software IT system can save you the cost and hassle of battling cybercriminals worldwide. THREEIC’s IT Support Service harnesses the power of our IT experts with regular remote checking of your hardware, firewall support, and network support to protect your business from any potential risk. On top of that, we offer a wide range of ransomware solutions to shield your network system from risks.

What Our Clients Say:

Schedule an On-site Support Session Now!

You could schedule an on-site support service session at your preferred time and frequency. Each scheduled support session would last 3 hours to check and complete preventive maintenance for the PCs and notebooks.

Found an IT support service that suits your business? You can always call us at 3590 0539 for more information about our IT Support Service.