Consultation Service

Consultation Service

If your company is looking for solutions to meet new and existing markets with greater efficiency and cost effectiveness then we can provide the technical consultation to aid you exploring the options and identifying the best for you.

Our Consultant Knowledge

  • Security Solution

  • HA Solution

  • Backup Solution

  • Cloud Solution

  • IT Infrastructure  

  • Firewall Product

  • Anti-Virus Product

  • PC and Server Product

  • Network Product

  • etc

Our Consultant Background

Our Consultant has over 10 years working experience in Hong Kong. They focus on Consultant Service, Customer Service and IT. We had a lot of IT Certificate such as Sophos, WatchGuard, Fortigate, Checkpoint, Microsoft, VMWare etc.

Why we are Consultant not a Sales

It is because consultants can suggest and offer IT Solution not a IT Product to our customer which can solve their problem. Sales only offer the IT product which the customer want they cloud not suggest any solutions to our customers. So we are a consultant not a sales.