In Hong Kong, many company did not hire their own IT staffs. We provide IT support service for our customers to let their company need not to hire IT staffs, and focus on their core business.

We can be your professional outsourced Information Technology department. With over 10 years of experience, our team can work onsite or use remote control for technical support services. We also focus on technical infrastructure such as IT and Network Security, Cloud Computing, Mobility and a broad portfolio of IT services. We make sure your company runs smoothly, efficiently and securely.


We mainly focus on:


Business Market

Efficiency is one of the most important aspects for the Business Market. We create more values for customers by improving their information technology and technical infrastructures to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency.

We offer IT support and IT outsourcing service, fixing and solve all IT issues to let our customer focus on their core business. 


Education Market

We mainly focus on the cyber security solution for the Education Market. It is a more advanced security solution for protecting your network. It secures the technical environment of education market.

Our service can minimise our customer’s IT risk such as hardware down or network security issues as we will be remotely checking your hardware on schedule.


Enterprise Solutions

We offer different products and solutions for the Enterprise Market. Such as Network Security Solutions, Email Solutions, Private Cloud Solutions and HA and Backup Solutions etc.

We offer a fixed rate for IT support and IT Outsourcing service, we make sure our customer uses a fixed cost for these IT services to maximise cost efficiency.

Meaning of THREEIC:
  • Intelligent
  • Information
  • Integration
  • Consultant and Concept​
Our aim is to combine integrate, intelligent and information to provide valuable and professional IT services and consultant services to our customer. We aim to solve all IT issues and support our customers, letting them focus on their market and growth of their business.