School Solutions


The rapid change in environmental and social policies increases schools’ demand for information technology. These information technologies are necessary for schools nowadays:

  • Online Classroom, Work from home

  • Teaching on an interactive and multimedia platform

  • Safe network, keeps students away from pornographic and violent content

3-In-1 Campus Solution

  • 10G High Speed Network:  Our Fiber-to-the-Classroom and Access Point solution aim to facilitate interactive and multimedia access for teaching anywhere in campus

  • Ease for Application Management: Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) can identify the applications and facilitate policy planning to control bandwidth to Internet

  • Unified Management: Single cloud management system allows IT administrator to manage the network infrastructure on a single interface

Classroom on Cloud

  • Class Broadcasting: Guarantee high-efficiency broadcast of content presented from the teacher’s PC to students’ end devices

  • Centralized Classroom Management: One simple click on teacher’s PC can initialize the control of any student’s device

  • Interactive Homework Space: Teacher can receive hand-up requests of and reward with points to any students

Wi-Fi 6 Campus

  • Teaching through multimedia: High bandwidth network facilitates IPTV and high-definition video deployment in campus

  • Low-latency performance for high-density environment: Fit for high concurrent and high-bandwidth required venues, such as VR classrooms, libraries and lecture halls

  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use: Extend service from indoor classrooms to outdoor courts and playground with seamless roaming

Web Filtering Solutions

  • Firewall or Endpoint can control on the users behavior such as blocking Facebook, YouTube or Website Game by Group 

  • Protect on School Network through Firewall and Endpoint Protection

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