Ransomware SOLUTION

Protect your enterprise from dangerous and costly ransomware attacks with our  ransomware solution. Safeguard your critical data, detect threats, and respond swiftly to mitigate the impact of ransomware incidents. Ensure the safety of your business operations and minimize financial risks.

Strengthen your defenses and stay one step ahead of cyber threats

Shield your business from the disruptive and expensive impact of ransomware infections. Don’t fall into the ransom trap; take a proactive stance. Embrace the power of a zero trust approach to swiftly detect, respond, and neutralize ransomware threats. By diligently managing cybersecurity risks, identifying vulnerabilities, and mitigating attack impacts, you can ensure uninterrupted business continuity. Stay resilient, tech-savvy, and in control.

Why use THREE IC to protect your data from ransomware attacks?

Equip your enterprise with advanced ransomware defense powered by THREE IC’s extensive threat intelligence. Benefit from valuable insights and proactive measures to combat modern ransomware threats, ensuring the security of your business operations and data.

Harnessing the power of AI for proactive threat detection

We leverage embedded AI, advanced analytics, deep learning, and machine learning to enhance protection, improve detection accuracy, and enable swift response through automation and analysis.

Accelerate recovery process with an added layer of defense

You’ll benefit from immutable backups and isolated copies that are automatically generated, enabling your company to swiftly bounce back after an attack.

Open Security Ecosystem


We develop response plans and strengthen data protection solutions, fostering collective defense against evolving threats.

Safeguard your data against dangerous ransomware threats

We take essential steps: detect, respond, and recover. Leverage our solutions to explore deep data security analytics, integrate advanced tools, gain threat insights, and empower your teams with a response playbook.

Enhanced threat detection and response

We accelerate incident analysis and remediation using intelligent security analytics, providing real-time actionable insights into the most crucial threats.

Data integrity and recovery

We help prevent data loss, maintain operational continuity, and reduce infrastructure expenses for enhanced data protection.

Proactive incident response

We offer incident preparation, detection, and emergency response to swiftly detect, respond to, and contain threats before they cause substantial harm.

Our Ransomware Protection Services

Drive business transformation and mitigate risk with THREE IC – a trusted global leader in cybersecurity consulting, cloud services, and managed security solutions. Leverage our expertise to fortify your defenses and ensure comprehensive protection for your organization.

firewall solution

Firewall Solution

Safeguard your systems and data from ransomware attacks to ensure security and integrity

backup solution

Backup Solution

Ensure secure file retrieval by maintaining an additional copy stored in a separate location from the original files, providing added protection and peace of mind.

Protect from Ransomware Today with THREE IC!

Safeguard your systems and data with THREE IC’s comprehensive ransomware detection and solution today! Please contact us to learn more about how we could help.

Firewall Solution

Firewalls are a powerful defense against ransomware. They safeguard your network and data by diligently scanning unsolicited and unwanted traffic, providing a comprehensive report for users to review. Here’s how firewalls combat ransomware attacks:

  • Block: Prevent existing ransomware from infiltrating
  • Detect: Identify unknown ransomware strains
  • Mitigate: Real-time protection against ransomware threats
  • Prepare: Stay ahead by preparing and safeguarding against the latest ransomware variants


With THREE IC, we’ll help you harness the strength of firewalls to fortify your defenses and proactively defend against ransomware attacks, ensuring the security and integrity of your systems and data.

firewall solution

Backup Solution

Improve your ransomware detection and protection with our advanced Backup Solution. Safeguard your valuable data and ensure accessibility even in the face of ransomware attacks. Retrieve your files securely with an additional copy stored in a separate location from the original files.

How We Implement Backup Solution For Maximum Security

Backup can also be locked by ransomware. So we recommend keeping 3 types of backup copies for maximum security:

available to be restored immediately

available for use when the online file is locked

the safety measure available for use when both of the above copies are damaged.

backup solution

Enhance your ransomware detection and protection with our advanced Backup Solution today! Trust in THREE IC to keep your valuable information protected against ransomware threats! Contact us now.