Ransomware Protection & Detection


What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents users from accessing their system or personal files and demands a ransom payment in order to regain access. The earliest variants of ransomware were developed in the late 1980s. The ransomware encrypts files, or sometimes the entire hard disk located in the infected machines, as well as the files on connected external devices or network drives. The victim (user) suffers from denied access to stored data until the attacker provides the decryption key. The attacker often demands a ransom payment in return for a decryption key.

If the data had been encrypted. Is there any way to decrypt?

To decrypt your data infected with ransomware, call us at 3590 0539 to learn more.

How do you protect your business from a ransomware attack?

The first step towards protection is knowledge, and we’ve got just the thing for you. The below infographic will help you understand ransomware – how it affects your business and how you can defend against it.

Contact Us To Protect Your Data from Ransomware

We offer a wide range of solutions for ransomware detection and protection. Our Antivirus and Firewall solutions are there to safeguard your data. Unfortunately, if you have been attacked by ransomware, having a backup is the only way to restore your data. Please contact us to learn more about how we could help.

Ransomware Detection with Sophos Intercept X Antivirus

Sophos Intercept X provides comprehensive ransomware detection and protection to your PC and Server. Some Antivirus Solutions can restore the file if they were installed before the encryption. It can also check and identify ransomware with these features:

  1. Exploit Prevention
  2. Malware Clean-up
  3. A deep learning neural network

Firewall Solution

Firewall is another effective ransomware detection technique. It helps protect your network and data with thorough scans of unsolicited and unwanted traffic with a comprehensive report for users to check. This is how it assists in defeating ransomware attacks:

  1. Block current ransomware
  2. Detect: Identify unknown ransomware
  3. Mitigate: Real-time protection from ransomware
  4. Prepare: Prepare and protect from the latest ransomware

Backup Solution

Our Backup Solution elevates your Ransomware detection and protection. It ensures your data and information are available even if you are attacked or locked out by ransomware. Retrieve your data with a copy for safekeeping in a location different from where the original files are kept.

Some Hints for Backup

Backup can also be locked by ransomware. So we recommend keeping 3 types of backup copies for maximum security:

available to be restored immediately

available for use when the online file is locked

the safety measure available for use when both of the above copies are damaged.

Solutions to fight against Ransomware

Browse our Firewall and Backup solutions below and start safeguarding your information. 

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