HA and Backup Solution

What is High Availability (HA)

High availability is a characteristic of a system, which aims to ensure an agreed level of operational performance, usually no down time, for a higher than normal period.

There are few principles of System design which can help achieve high availability.


1. Reduce of server or system failure

There are two systems in the design, when one system is down there is always another system to back it up.

2. Reliable crossover.

In redundant systems, the crossover point itself tends to become a redundant point. When the main system fail the other system will take over the system for production.

3. Maintenance

Failures can be easily detected, and systems have built-in automation to handle common failure on their own.

What is Backup

Our backup solution backup all server and system files to a storage outside the server daily. It lets the company find all the data they need if they have to recover any data at anytime.

There are a few principles we use to design your backup system.

There are few principles of point which can help you to design your backup.

1. Backup Schedule.

We will make a customised backup schedule to make sure the backup plan suits your company the most.

2. Offline Backup

Offline backup is quite important as ransomware can find any online file and threaten your company. Offline backup can avoid these ransomware attacks.

3.  Maintenance of Backup

We ensure the backup will be successful as we will be notified if the backup failed. We also have backup of backups to ensure no data will be lost.