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Sophos offers an extensive portfolio of security products. For nearly 30 years, Sophos has focused on producing antivirus and encryption products to help secure the networks used by 100 million people from 100,000 businesses across 150 countries, including industry big names like Pixar, Under Armour, Northrop Grumman, Xerox, Ford, Avis, and Toshiba.

From Sophos Email Security to Firewall, Endpoint detection and response (EDR), and Antivirus to Intercept X for Ransomware Solution, we offer a full set of Sophos security products. Click below to learn more.

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Sophos Product Portfolio

Sophos CIXA

Powered by deep learning and endpoint detection & response, Sophos CIXA provides unmatched protection against malware, ransomware, and exploits, with easy management through a single, cloud-native console.

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Sophos Firewall

Sophos firewall’s flexible and seamless integration with your existing network provides next-level protection, including deep packet inspection, encrypted traffic analysis, and more.

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Sophos Endpoint

Safeguard your Windows, Mac, and Linux systems with our comprehensive protection against malware and advanced threats, including targeted attacks.

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Keep your digital assets secure with Sophos MDR Security.

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Synchronized Security

Sophos’ synchronized security simplifies and unifies defenses, automatically isolates infected computers, and provides 100% visibility of all apps on your network.

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Sophos Wireless & Network Control

Managed from Sophos Central, Sophos’ wireless solution includes rogue AP detection, multi-site management, cloud scalability, and more.

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Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced (CIXA)

Sophos CIXA

Sophos CIXA is an unmatched Next-Gen Endpoint Protection. Apart from working seamlessly with Sophos Endpoint Protection, it can also be used to augment your existing EDR security solution or antivirus software, giving you next-level deep learning malware detection, anti-ransomware, and anti-exploit technology.

Why Choose Sophos CIXA?

Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced (CIXA) is the world’s leading endpoint protection solution and the #1 rated endpoint protection option in the market. It offers cutting-edge features to safeguard your devices against the most advanced cyber threats, including ransomware attacks.

1. Anti-Ransomware Features

With the following features of Sophos CIXA, you can rest assured that your devices are safeguarded against cyber threats in the world.

Ransomware file protection

Sophos CIXA provides reliable protection against ransomware attacks by creating backups of files and storing them securely. If ransomware attempts to encrypt your files, CIXA’s ransomware file protection feature will prevent it from accessing your data.

Automatic file recovery

Even in the worst-case scenario of a ransomware attack, Sophos CIXA has you covered with its automatic file recovery feature. It can quickly restore encrypted files from backups, ensuring that your critical data is never lost.

Behavioral analysis to stop ransomware

Sophos CIXA’s behavioral analysis capabilities use artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect ransomware behavior and stop it before it can cause damage. This proactive approach keeps your devices safe from emerging ransomware threats.

Boot Record attacks

Sophos CIXA is equipped to handle boot record attacks that can render your device unbootable and inaccessible. With its advanced protection mechanisms, CIXA can detect and prevent boot record attacks, keeping your endpoints secure.

2. Deep Learning Technology

Sophos CIXA leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to keep your devices safe from malware attacks. Unlike traditional signature-based detection methods, CIXA’s AI-driven approach can detect both known and unknown malware threats without relying on signatures.

CIXA’s AI engine uses machine learning algorithms to analyze millions of data points and identify patterns of malicious behavior. This enables CIXA to quickly identify and neutralize even the most advanced malware attacks.

With CIXA’s AI-driven detection capabilities, your devices are protected against zero-day attacks and other advanced threats that traditional antivirus software may miss. CIXA’s proactive approach to malware detection helps ensure that your endpoints are always secure, and you can rest easy knowing that your data and devices are safe from the latest malware threats.

3. Exploit Prevention

Sophos CIXA uses exploit prevention to stop cyber attacks in their tracks. By blocking the exploits used to distribute malware, steal credentials, and evade detection, CIXA ensures that your endpoints remain secure from advanced cyber threats.

This proactive approach to security helps ensure that your devices are protected against the latest threats, even before patches or updates are available. It makes it much harder for cyber attacks to carry out against your organization.

4. Active Adversary Mitigation

Sophos CIXA provides active adversary mitigation to keep your devices secure against advanced cyber threats. With features such as prevention of persistence on machines, credential theft protection, and malicious traffic detection, CIXA is the ultimate solution to safeguard your organization’s sensitive data.

CIXA’s malicious traffic detection feature uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze network traffic and identify suspicious behavior. By monitoring for indicators of compromise (IOCs), CIXA can detect and prevent malicious traffic from infiltrating your systems.

What are the features of Sophos CIXA?

  1. Endpoint Agent: The Endpoint Agent for Windows and macOS includes a range of security features such as anti-malware, live protection, web security, web control, malware removal, peripheral control, application control, synchronized security heartbeat (Windows only), behavior analysis/HIPS, data loss prevention, download reputation, malicious traffic detection, exploit prevention, Cryptoguard anti-ransomware, Sophos clean, and root cause analysis.

  2. Sophos for Virtual Environments, Light Agent off-board scanning: Sophos for Virtual Environments provides anti-malware, live protection, and malware removal features for Windows Desktop VMs using a Light Agent off-board scanning approach.

Please note that Security Heartbeat functionality is only available when using Endpoint Advanced in conjunction with one of the following Sophos Firewall subscriptions: Network Protection, FullGuard, or EnterpriseGuard.

How to Stop Ransomware with Sophos CIXA

  1. Sophos Exploit Prevention
  2. Sophos Deep Learning Neural Network
  3. Sophos Root Cause Analysis
  4. Sophos Malware Cleanup
  5. Sophos File Protection and Automatic file recovery
  6. Sophos Synchronized Security
  7. Isolate infected computers from the network automatically
  8. Clean up malware instantly
  9. Provide 100% visibility of all apps on your network

Sophos CIXA with EDR

The first EDR designed for security analysts and IT administrators. Here are reasons why you should take advantage of Sophos CIXA with EDR:

Built for IT security operations and threat hunting
Maintain IT security operations hygiene and hunt down stealthy threats.

Add expertise, not headcount
Built-in expertise to help you answer the tough questions about security incidents.

EDR starts with the strongest protection
Sophos stops breaches before they start by consolidating EDR security with the industry’s best protection..

Remotely Respond With Precision with Sophos CIXA

With Intercept X, it is easy to take action even if the device requiring attention is not physically present. From the same cloud management console, you can remotely access devices in order to perform further investigation, install and uninstall software, or remediate any additional issues.

Using its command line tool you can:

  • Reboot devices
  • Terminate active processes
  • Run scripts or programs
  • Edit configuration files
  • Install/uninstall software
  • Run forensic tools

Sophos Firewall

Sophos XGS Firewall that adapts to your network, so you don’t need to adapt your network to the firewall.

Features of Sophos XGS Firewall

  • Expose Hidden Risks
  • Stop Unknown Threats
  • Isolate Infected Systems
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Encrypted Traffic


  • Zero-Day and Machine Learning Protection
  • Cloud Sandbox
  • Web Protection
  • Synchronized Security
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • User Identity
Designed to Fit Your Network

What does Sophos Firewall offer?

Powerful Performance


Sophos XGS Series delivers Xstream performance at every price point to power the EDR security and email security you need for today’s diverse, distributed, and encrypted networks

Powered by Xstream

Accelerate and offload your important SaaS, SD-WAN, and cloud traffic at the hardware level, while adding performance headroom for TLS and deep packet inspection with integrated Xstream Flow Processors.

High-Speed Connectivity

Customize your firewall’s already versatile connectivity options with an extensive range of add-on modules for high-speed copper, fiber, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and Wi-Fi.

Purpose-Built Performance

Rest assured, your firewall is purpose-built from the core to handle the most demanding workloads with a dual processor architecture, generous memory provisioning, and high-performance solid-state storage

Sophos XGS Firewall Top Performing Protection

It’s purposely-built to perform

Sophos products are built with the latest Intel multi-core technology, generous RAM provisioning and solid-state storage on every model.

It provides flexible connectivity to serve your network

Sophos offers a variety of integrated and modular connectivity options to accommodate all kinds of business, including WiFi, 3G/4G, DSL, and copper/fiber options up to 40GE.

It offers business continuity

Sophos provides highly available deployment options, redundant power supplies and disks to ensure you never miss a bit or a byte.

Sophos Endpoint

sophos endpoint protection

Why Is Sophos Endpoint the Right Choice for Your Desktop Security?

Are you looking for sophisticated yet simple security solutions for your desktop environment? Look no further than Sophos Endpoint Protection.

Sophos Endpoint Protection provides comprehensive protection for your Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, safeguarding them against malware and advanced threats, including targeted attacks.

Its next-generation endpoint protection combines innovative technologies like malicious traffic detection and real-time threat intelligence from SophosLabs, offering you easy prevention, detection, and remediation of threats.

Wherever your users go, our web, application, and peripheral access policies can follow them, while ensuring a security heartbeat between your firewall and endpoints.

What Are The Features of Sophos Endpoint?

  1. Innovative Protection: Experience innovative protection with features like anti-malware, HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System), and malicious traffic detection. We go beyond traditional signature-based prevention, correlating suspicious behaviors and activities in real-time to provide you with up-to-date threat intelligence. From malicious URLs to web exploit code, unexpected system changes to command-and-control traffic, we connect the dots to protect your endpoints and data. Benefit from fewer infected computers and enhanced defense against targeted attacks and data breaches.

  2. Complete Control: Enjoy seamless integration within the endpoint agent and management console, giving you complete control over web, application, device, and data policies. Enforce web control with category-based filtering, whether users are on or off the corporate network. Easily block applications by category or name with application control. Manage access to removable media and mobile devices through peripheral control. And ensure data loss prevention (DLP) with prebuilt or custom rules, restricting unauthorized data flow.

  3. Lightning Performance: Experience lightning-fast performance with Sophos Endpoint Protection. Our lightweight agent keeps users secure without slowing them down. Protection updates are small, typically under 30 KB, minimizing impact on your network and endpoints.

  4. Sophisticated Simplicity: We believe in sophisticated functionality coupled with a simple, intuitive user experience. Deploying our solution is quick and easy, thanks to well-balanced default policies and automatic configuration of HIPS. We offer an exceptional level of security while maintaining simplicity.

  5. Flexible Licensing and Deployment: Choose the deployment option that suits your needs. Opt for Sophos Central, our cloud-based management platform, or deploy Sophos Enterprise Console software for policy application, updates, and reporting. Manage endpoints in Sophos Central to access exclusive root cause analysis capabilities provided by Sophos Intercept X. Leverage the benefits of cloud scale, performance, and analytics.

How To Choose The Right Endpoint Protection?

Choose between the convenience of Sophos Central, our cloud-based management platform, or the flexibility of deploying Sophos Enterprise Console software to apply policies, run updates, and gather reporting for your security solution.

  1. Sophos Central: Opt for Sophos Central for seamless management in the cloud. With Standard protection, you get entry-level security features to keep your endpoints safe. If you require additional protection and policy controls, choose Advanced. For those managing endpoints through Sophos Central, you can also add Intercept X to your security arsenal. Intercept X enhances your defense with CryptoGuard anti-ransomware capabilities and exploit technique mitigations. Moreover, Intercept X includes Root Cause Analysis, providing you with valuable attack visualization.

  2. Sophos Enterprise Console: Prefer an on-premises solution? Deploy Sophos Enterprise Console software. Enjoy the flexibility to apply policies, run updates, and gather reporting within your own infrastructure. If you opt for the Enterprise Console, you have the option to add Endpoint Exploit Prevention to your security stack. This feature enhances your protection with CryptoGuard anti-ransomware and exploit technique mitigations.

Make the right choice for your security needs by selecting either Sophos Central or Sophos Enterprise Console. Safeguard your endpoints with the level of protection and management that fits your requirements. Contact us today to find out more about our solutions.

Ready to Get Stated. We're Ready To Help!

Trust Sophos Endpoint Protection to provide you with reliable and efficient desktop security solutions. Join the ranks of satisfied customers, such as Christopher Prewitt from The Lincoln Electric Co., who have experienced a ten-fold increase in their security posture with Sophos deployed. Contact Us today!

Sophos MDR Security

What is Sophos MDR Security?

Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a top-notch, fully-managed cybersecurity service from a team of skilled experts who are ready to take down any cyberattacks that threaten computers, servers, networks, cloud workloads, email accounts, and other vulnerable endpoints.

At THREE IC, trust us to keep your digital assets secure, so you can stay ahead of the game in the fast-paced world of technology.

Why Choose Sophos MDR Security?

Advanced Cybersecurity Measures to Detect More Threats Than Standard Cybersecurity Products
Our advanced cybersecurity tools automatically block 99.98% of potential threats, allowing our skilled analysts to focus on detecting and eliminating the most complex attackers. Our team of highly trained experts provides the necessary intervention and protection to keep your digital assets secure. With our comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, you can trust that your valuable assets are in safe hands.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions to Identify and Prevent Future Threats
Our experts provide proactive cybersecurity measures to eliminate the root causes of potential threats, minimizing risk to your business. We offer valuable recommendations based on our advanced tools and knowledge of cybersecurity best practices. Fewer incidents mean less disruption to your business operations, allowing for smooth and secure functionality. Trust us for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that ensure the safety and security of your digital assets now and in the future.

Rapid Response Cybersecurity Services to Minimize Business Disruptions
Our expert analysts offer top-tier cybersecurity services to swiftly detect, investigate, and respond to potential threats that may disrupt your business. We provide full-scale incident response and assistance with decision-making to keep your digital assets secure. Trust us for efficient and effective cybersecurity solutions, allowing you to focus on business growth without interruption.

With Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR), we deliver excellent results in terms of cybersecurity. Contact us now to learn more how Sophos MDR security can stop threats in their tracks.

Network Control

A breakthrough in application visibility and control functionality

Synchronized App Control

Automatically identifies hundreds of unknown, evasive, and custom Windows and Mac applications to easily prioritize and focus on the apps you want, and block the ones you don’t.

CASB and Cloud App Visibility

Cloud Application Visibility identifies all browser applications and cloud services to find out Shadow IT or data at risk and get the situation under control quickly and easily.

Sophos Synchronized Security

What is Synchronized Security?

The Sophos Synchronized Security simplifies and unifies defenses with real-time intelligence-sharing between your endpoints (EDR) and firewall. It is an effective EDR security solution for protecting the enterprise and remote workers from cyber threats.

  • Isolate infected computers from the network automatically
  • Clean up malware instantly
  • 100% visibility of all apps on your network

Sophos Wireless Solution & Network Control

Sophos APX Series access points are custom-built for optimal performance and increased throughput at load. These Security Heartbeat™ enabled models offer integration with Sophos Mobile and Sophos Endpoint to protect your Wi-Fi networks.

Sophos APX Series

Features of Sophos Wireless Solution

Synchronized Connectivity
Access for managed clients is automatically controlled based upon their health status.

Threat Discovery
Threats on and to your Wi-Fi networks are instantly classified, for example as rogue APs, spoofing attempts, or unknown devices.

Modular Management System
Manage Wireless on its own or alongside all of your Sophos Central-managed security solutions.

Central Management
​Sophos Wireless is easy to set up and deploy as part of your Sophos Central portfolio of cloud-managed security solutions.

Simple Deployment with Sophos Wireless Solution

Deploying access points is easy. We’ll guide you through three simple steps to build your networks, register your access points, and set up one or multiple sites to reinforce EDR security.

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